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Good morning fellas!

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Good morning guys! Hope everyone has as nice of a day as I am!

Happy Sunday smokin!

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Looks like a good start to a great day.  Better than mine, I went out to preheat the MES for a pastrami I took out of the brine yesterday and it's DRT!!  Now trying figure out how I want to face this adversity. Adjustable tube on the gasser possibly?  Cold smoke then into a roaster possibly?  I'll figure something out one way or another.  Been waiting 2 weeks for pastrami so I'll NOT be denied.

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What are you smoking today?



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Pork shoulder and some ribs.

Started out with a beautiful morning up here in the Poconos of PA. 63 degrees where we sit on the mountain

You smoking anything today Al?
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That's awful okie! Hope everything gets worked out for you! Nothing worse than wanting some nice pastrami sandwiches and not being able to get them!
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Took a bit of creativity but I got it there.  How'd the shoulder and ribs turn out?

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That's always a good thing!

Turned out awesome. Had family up and there is nothing left!
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No leftovers? :O 


Guess you'll just have to fire up the beast again then. ;)

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