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Proving a point (includes Q-vue)

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Short story long, my wife's best friend told me it's impossible to smoke whole chickens and keep them moist. Her dad says that's the way it is so that's the way it is. Challenge accepted.




Rubbed up with lemon pepper, salt, and a smidge of garlic powder while waiting on the coals to behave.



These coals in fact. Little bit of hickory and oak on a base of Royal Oak Lump to get it started then I switched to cherry chunks and a couple of really small oak splits.



Can hardly see it but there's some TBS there running about 280 the whole time.



Halfway home or thereabouts. Took a peek when it hit 120 degrees.



165 in the breast, 180 in the thigh. Ready for a foiled nap in the cooler. Total time 3 hours, 18 minutes running 260-280. I did spike it up to 315 or so the last 20 minutes to crisp up the skin as well. 



I'll put some sliced shots up after dinner but it looks juicy as can be up close.

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Looks like it's bursting at the seams with moisture. A good rest and baby is gonna be super juicy..!

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Tasty looking chicken!drool.gif
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That chicken looks fantastic!


I think you should have bet some money on that challenge!


I'm sure you won!!



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