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Resource for spices

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A chef friend of mine turned me onto a pretty nice online resource for ordering spices.  The place is called Penzey spices.  They sell in small and bulk quantities.  I've found since I've been making more and more rub recipes, the small jars of paprika, chile powder, etc... that you get in the stores don't go too far.  


Check it out:


The prices seem very reasonable and free shipping is nice too!

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You can check out Atlantic Spice Company as well. Good prices..

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Penzey's smoked paprika is a staple for me. We have a store up the road in Memphis. That reminds me I'm out. Guess I have to go into town this week.
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Been the Spice House for me for years. Never been disappointed in anything I have received from them. Another high quality outlet for spice blends/rubs is Oak Ridge BBQ.

They're quality and taste is clearly above what you get from many the other outlets out there and I have tried plenty of them. Plus it's no more expensive than buying your own spices and mixing your own which I have also done plenty of.

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I have been buying my spices from the Sausage Maker for years. Good price & quality.



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