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New to SMF with a new build

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Originally Posted by loutoo View Post

Hi, my name is Lou Wallman. I am a retired Banker from the NW USA and live in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. I have been smoking meat for about 5 years currently on a WSM, but am in the process of building a 24 x 60 reverse flow offset smoker on a trailer made from a propane tank. I  am using the reverse flow calculator and circle calculator and have some questions if someone can help me.


1. The diagram of the reverse flow smoker picture shows the stack going down inside the cook chamber. Is this true and what would be the height above the cooking grates?

2. I have calculated the volume of the cook chamber, but one end is eliptical ( a propane tank), How will this affect the volume if I use the total length.

3 For the exhaust stack length is that formula ESV divided by 0.7854 x Stack Diameter x Stack Diameter?


Thanks in advance for any help. This is a great group for ideas and learning.

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Hello Lou, welcome to the forum!

Sounds like your build is very similar to the one I just completed, 120G propane tank.

1) on my build, my stack comes down about 3" into the cook chamber. Some go lower, it's a personal preference thing.
2) I used the Feldon's calculator, it takes out the guesswork. Enter the gallons value in the "tank" field
Your post did not specify which calculator you're using. so here's what I used:
3) The typical formula for the exhaust stack capacity is 5% of firebox volume. Again, the calculator helps a lot with this.

I also want to throw in that fact that when I built my RF cooker, I heavily relied on the input of people on many threads in this forum.
I will be posting images of my build soon!

Good luck to you and look forward to seeing your build pics!
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Well, after several months of work, many trips to the steel yard,and several trips through Feldon's calculator my smoker is nearing completion. We made a 10' bed trailer of which the cook chamber takes 5'. In front of the smoker will be a 2 x 4 grill and wood storage.The fire box is 21 x 21 x21. The stack is 5.5" and extends about 7" down into the cook chamber. Please any comments.

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Looks like it's going to be a great looking smoker.


How long do you think it will take to finish it up?



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Looking good so far, Lou!

I do have a couple questions about your build:

1) Do you plan to make a work surface in front of the cook chamber door? I was surprised to see how far back you have the cooker mounted.
I am not a fan of leaning over a tire and having to reach in to get to the food, so I just use a portable plastic folding table next to mine when cooking.

2) The door rest for the cook chamber door - let me know how yours works out. If put in the right place, it should not really be holding any large
amount of weight, but I didnt want mine to give me issues after the build was complete, so I made mine out of a long piece of 1/4 thick bar, which is tacked on at both ends of the bar to ensure it does not fail. I also installed a rubber bumper so it does not chip off the paint.

3) Firebox grate that supports your fuel - Are you planning on using expanded metal as the supporting medium? If so, I would put two bars of some
sort across the bottom to support the expanded metal. I found mine started sagging after several cooks, so I just tacked on 2 pieces of rebar across
the bottom to support the expanded metal.

Other than that, it looks like you're coming along quite nicely.
Keep up the good work and please post pics of your first cook!
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Thanks, should be done this month except for grill in front. Will add warming cabinet later.

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Hi. Will be a large expanded metal shelf in front off cc mounted low like a Lang. The door rest seems to be holding the weight well. Is made from one of the 3/8" legs from the propane tank. If not I will install a counter balance. The fire basket will have 1/4 x 1" straps around the top with 1/2" rods across bottom and expanded metal sides and bottom. Yeah the wheels will be a bit of a problem, but didn't want the trailer off balance. Will weigh approx 1500 lbs when done.

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Well, this one is almost done. Have to finish a couple of racks and paint it. Did the first fire test today. Had some smoke leaks around the CC door so will have to gasket it, but the temp holds as is.


Used 3 inches of Mesquite charcoal and three Eucalyptus splits. Got to 225 in 45 minutes and 270 in one hour. Closed  the side vents 1/3 and returned to 225 in 10 minutes. Firebox side of CC is running 50 degrees hotter than left side. Is this normal



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Nice looking smoker.
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