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before and after

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 have just prepared my pork and brisket for tommorows smoke, probably take a picture of it going in but,when its done i totally forget, to busy pulling and eating it :drool:fingers crossed for a good cook, i do a basic rub, has anyone just used a  Cheap bbq sauce as a  mop, i just dont have time to make any of our own and dont have the ingredients.

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Hi John, I use Stubbs Sauce.
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Afew pictures of todays uds smoke, the briket was a bitt fatty but the taste was out of this world,thats the family not me ;)





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Nice looking Smoke Ring! Brisket doesn't look fatty?
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thanks just pulled alot of fat out i didnt unwrap it, i think i need to buy some string,  some of the supermarkets hide alot in the middleits just what i can get quickly, 

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Great Qview John!
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Hello.  Looks GREAT John. If I want a sauce and need it spur of the moment I keep some HP in the cupboard.  There are different flavours.  Some added cooked onions and a squeeze of lemon help it along.   Keep Smokin!


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