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File Cabinet Smoker

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I thought I would try building a File Cabinet smoker. I would like to know do I need to remove the stock paint from the cabinet and if so what has been the easiest way of removing the paint. It is an old cabinet I bought from a garage sale. I plan on using a propane burner in the bottom to create the heat while placing my wood chips above it. Thanks for your help

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I left mine as is

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Defenitely remove the paint,its not good for u lol,get a good outdoor fire going and dismantle it,toss it in the fire:)of course in the dark of nite;)....burn it off then reasemble.Seen this done before,paint burnt off ok but no heat retention,just one hillbillys opinion ,good luck:)
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Yes you'll want to burn the paint off inside and out, unless all you plan to do is cold smoke without any heat.

Once you have the paint burnt off you can paint the exterior with high temp leave the interior bare metal and spray with veggie oil and heat to set the oil.
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