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# of racks and smoke time question

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I have a rib cook off during my fantasy draft this weekend.  I recently posted about where to buy and since Publix may not have spares on sale I am going with SAMs.  I usually just do a rack or 2 but will be doing 3 in my MES 30.  With the addition of another rack, how much longer might the process take?  If any?  I want to time it so that they will be done in the foil but keep them in to travel up the road where I plan on saucing for a little in an oven.  I will be smoking at 275 and every batch I have done are usually done in 3 hours.  (2 hours smoke, 1 hour foil)   I need to have them in the oven with sauce at 5:00, tasting will be at 5:30ish. 


Plan is to go light with magic dust then jeff's on top.  Spritz with apple juice and cider vinegar blend.  Foil with squeeze butter, a little brown sugar, a little more rub, and a little of the spritz.  I have tried many sauces, even made some Bilbo's, but ultimately I am in love with "Sweet sauce O mine".   Thanks for any input!!!!

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Very little if any difference going 2 to 3 racks. Go 2 to 10-12, yes it will take more time to recover and rise between spritzing. Add 15 minutes to CYA...JJ

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Awesome! Thanks!
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