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Adding fan to MES 40" smoker(s)

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I like to use my Amazen smoking tubes when I'm cold smoking my monthly 120 pounds of bacon. I usually have pretty good results as is, leaving the MES chip tube out for the air draw. This month I picked a day that had absolutely no wind/breeze. I have 2 MES 40" smokers and have them side by side, one facing out, the other facing in. I put a small fan in the middle of them and was able to get enough wind into each smoker but just barely. While I was doing this, I started thinking how I could get something together that would give a nice smooth breeze. I had some 3" round ducting on hand and started thinking on how to use it. I came upon using a couple of small computer fans attached to the 3" tubing. I found them on Amazon that looked promising, and they were adapted to use 120v, instead of 12v. While I was waiting on delivery of the fans, I cut the tubing down to about 12" long, resulting in 2 lengths of tubing 12" long. When the fans arrived I cut 4 pieces of flexible aluminum sheet about 2" long and 1/2 wide. I measured the strips to the fans, and attached the fans to the metal strips after bending the strips to 900 I then pop riveted the strips to one end of the tube. Plugged in the fan and it works! A nice soft breeze coming through the tube +. Tomorrow I'll test the fan tubes out with the AMAZEN tubes 






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Looks like a great idea.


When I use the MB cold smoke attachment, I pipe it through 6 feet of pipe & have a fan next to it to keep the air flowing good.



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Here's the setup. It worked very well on the first smoke. Nice slow smoke coming from vent. I did a 5 pound piece of canadian bacon and it turned out very well. 

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Looks nice.


Now to the important part......monthly 120 pounds of bacon????? Holy crap.

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