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Bensdorp Cocoa, Chocolate Cherry Cake

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Bensdorp Cocoa, Chocolate Cherry Cake


Here’s a chocolate cake I made and wanted to share with all of you.


The cake itself is 2 boxes of Duncan Hines Supermoist with added Espresso powder and Nielsen-Massey pure vanilla extract. Also baked into each cake layer are Schawns dark sweet cherries.


The middle and outer frosting is home made Nestle chocolate cocoa butter cream frosting with cream cheese added.

The bottom and top decorative icing is homemade Bendorp Cocoa chocolate butter cream icing.


The top is covered with cherry pie filling.


Overall the cake is over 12 inches tall and weighs over 5lbs.


I am extremely happy with the results.


Money shot to come!


King Arthur Bensdorp Dutch Process Cocoa:


Nestle Cocoa:


King Aruthur Espresso Powder:


Nielsen-Massey pure vanilla extract:


Schawns dark sweet cherries:


Thanks for looking.







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Looks like a tasty cake!
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Nice John, I'm not much for sweets but I'd sure take a slice of that ! Looks awesome ! icon14.gif
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Wow...Death by Chocolate! That a lot of good stuff there...JJ

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Saving the money shot for Saturday? Maybe a sugar coma?biggrin.gif
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Money Shot -


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Holy Cow John!


I don't know what to say other than WOW!!!


That looks absolutely delicious!



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Thanks fellas, it was really fun making this cake, and it was really delicious!

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I prefer cheescake,but that's a tasty looking cake! You sharing that cake or trying to hide the evidence before someone gets home?
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Now that's one huge cake John. Just what I like--rich, moist, lots of chocolate, and BIG.

Think I'll have to try that one for sure.


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That thing is to pretty to Eat !!!     points1.png




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