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All the meats

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Well, I've been smoking meats for about 3 years. I take a break here and there but I recently got a new smoker "the old country over under" love it btw! Anyways, I sell bbq on the side for folks locally and im trying to think of some new things. I brine my chickens for a few hours, add a little rub, always come out awesome. Pork butt is my best always gets the people full. Rub only smoke at 225-240 until 160 then wrap till 195. Ribs I don't mind using rubs on but always sauce on the side. Brisket I've only done a handful of times but comes out pretty with a 1/4 inch smoke line and tender as can be. I started stuffing pork loin with conecuh sausage and wrapping in bacon and glazing with sauce the last hour. Lots of fun helps the bacon get crispy without overcooking the loin. So now what? My obsession needs new things to play with. Amy ideas guys?
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Weasel, put an ABT or a Fattie in your pipe and smoke it. :biggrin:





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Meatloaf, beef tongue, smoker fried pork chops, mussels, clams, shrimp, tuna...
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Loving these idea guys. Never done mussels or clams before. Smoked shrimp sounds pretty awesome. And those fatties seem like a foundation for creativity.
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Depending on your location, barbacoa is a nice meat that most folks can't get very often.
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Are you referring to hog head or beef cheeks cuz if so your entirely correct. I need to pursue some of that I've heard great things but forgot about it.
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Me and my boys do whole head with bovine or if we can't get a head, we do the cheeks.

For the whole head, we season it, wrap it in banana leaves, and then smoke it for a LONG time until the meat is fall off the bone. The heads we get also have the tongue intact.

For the cheek meat only, we season it a bit, put it on the smoker around 225-250, let it smoke until the IT is around 150, and then wrap until it's falling apart.

To date, I haven't had any left overs when I make this for a crowd.
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