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First UDS Build

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Just about finished up with my first, of what will probably be many, UDS build, and I just want to say thanks to all who have posed their builds.  I read countless posts and they helped me greatly.  


I went with two ball valves, for more control, and a capped nipple for when I need and extra bit of air.  Just about everything is stainless and it was painted with high temp primer then shot with engine enamel,   I used a Weber charcoal grate and some expanded steel for the basket giving me 14" x 12" which should allow me to do some nice long cooks without messing with it too much.  I also used the lamp nipple to give me a port for my Maverick probes.  I may have to order one of the new ones so I can color coordinate seeing as the come in red now.:icon_biggrin:  


She'll be getting seasoned in the morning, which should give me a chance to learn the controls a bit.  Next weekend will be the first real cook, if all goes well that is.  


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Nice job!


Looking forward to seeing it in action!



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Looks great! Let's see some smoke!
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First cook will be next weekend.  I'll probably do some pork butts.  I figure it was the safest to do with a cooker I'm still learning.  But for now, it's getting seasoned up.  I see more builds in my future, probably very soon.


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