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Questions about beef back ribs

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I live in Mississippi and really haven't been able to find any beef back ribs with meat on them.  I bought two racks yesterday and the way that they were packaged I couldn't tell that most of the meat was dug out between the bones as well as not much left on the side either.  They were 3.99 a pound and I wound up with 40 dollars worth of bones that might have 2 pounds of meat on them.  I was wondering if anyone has ever looked at buying a bone in prime rib and removing the bones yourself and leaving a decent amount on the bones.  I am determined to get my hands on some meaty beef back ribs.  I can always use the rest of the prime rib later.  Is this a crazy idea or what?  Anybody know of an on line outlet for them?

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Yes that seems like the only way to get beef ribs with plenty of meat on them.  Here is a thread from Bearcarver who does it that way.  I've bought and smoked the ones from Walmart and they certainly lack a good amount of meat.



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Yes Bears way is the only way to get really meaty ribs. You can cut the bones off & leave a lot of meat on them, then tie them back on the roast & smoke it that way. Then save the bones for another day & just put them on the grill for a few minutes to get a good sear on them.



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Thanks for the feed back guys.  I hate to think what it might cost me to buy a prime rib with 8 or 10 bones to cut off but I think that is what I will do.  I see that Bear got his for 4.99 a pound.  I hope that I can be that lucky.............

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