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Charcoal smoker

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Alright everyone 1st sorry i know this is a repetitive question i have read other threads all morning just looking for any other suggestions. The inlaws are wanting to get a charcoal smoker witha budget of 400$ i recommended a WSM but they are worried it wont be big enough they host for the holidays and sometimes have 20 people to feed. Any suggestions other than a WSM? Thanks in advance!
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I think you could probably run an Old Country Pecos on all charcoal. Maybe some others have other ideas. I would really think that you could feed 20 folks on a WSM 22" using both grates. Being round could pose a problem.
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I agree i just figured it was worth a shot! Id imagin a UDS would do the job aswell
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I can feed 20+ people easy peasy in my 18" wsm...the 22" would be even easier.....the pbc is another excellent option maybe a little less versatile than a wsm though.
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In the Under $500 range I don't think you will find a better options than the 18" or 22" wsm's and the PBC....building a uds is an option too
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Yeah i think ive got them convinced 22.5 wsm!
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Excellent choice, I love my wsm
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Good call!


Hard to beat a WSM!



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