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Wood Fill-In?

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Here is the situation:


Building a propane smoker.  Interior is metal (34" x 28" x 70").  Solid box.  Only way for heat and smoke to escape is thru 3 dampers (one on each side and top).


Frame and exterior is wood.  Reclaimed pallet wood.  A lot of gaps, nail holes, etc.


Insulation between wood and metal.  Smoker is located outdoors.




  1)  Does the exterior need to be sealed?

  2)  If yes, what works best?


Any help/suggestions are appreciated.  Thank you, Folks.



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What type of insulation did you use?

What temps do you plan to smoke at?

You could leave the wood natural or finish it. Types of finish depends on the temps you plan on smoking at.
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Have not decided on an insulation yet.  We plan on temps of 90F to 275F.



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