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Greetings from Yucaipa, CA

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Just began the journey into smoking this past Fathers Day with a gift from my wife and son. Not the high, high-end off-set smoker, but with a few mods, its is now been a consistent and reliable smoker that absolutely gives me joy to use! Love the process of slowing down life to accomplish a perfect rack of St Louis pork ribs - there is a life lesson in here somewhere...

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Its a very addictive hobby -  I have to smoke something every weekend or I don't "feel right".

are you using wood or charcoal or?

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Hi! Lump charcoal is my go to. I found it burns a bit hotter and longer than charcoal briquettes.
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I liked that as well. I used to use the Mesquite, the problem is that mesquite is being blamed for causing cancers so I went to hickory - glad I did.

Then Ive also used the kingsford wood impregnated charcoal's - they get great flavor, burn well and is cheap.

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I hear ya, my partner bought me the Texas Rachero offset smoker and I've been smoking ever chance I can get. Of course now that winter is almost over it time to fire up the smoker.
My favourite is ribs un trimmed, beef brisket, and sauage (we have a German butcher that knows his stuff).
I only use soaked hickory wood imported from the US so you can imagine the $$ of that.
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OK - So Im guessing youre in Australia?

What other hardwoods do they have there?  Maybe a pellet smoker is a good alternative - the pellets deliver great smoke.


I don't mean to brag, but I got the brisket down to the best brisket ever the first time, and have done about 5 since. I found a recipe online that I trusted - you can look up my posts for the method.

Basically, its 4-5 hrs to get to 150. Wrap in foil until 201 - about 5 hrs later, maybe 6. then char on the grill for 5 minutes. Wrap in foil / towel and store for 1-2 hrs before eating. I know its weird that at 203 its the best meat youll ever eat but it is!

Whats your method for brisket?

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I've got the pork ribs down to a science now. Next, I would like to try brisket or pork shoulder.
My Thansgiving challenge this year is going to be a smoked turkey (never tried that before). We usually have about 20-30 family members at the house for the holidays and have done an oven roasted and deep fried turkeys with ham. I think a smoked turkey will be a great addition and tradition. Going to do a 10 pounder a few weeks prior so I can get it right (don't want to screw it up on Thanskgiving Day).
Any suggestions on smoking a turkey, brining, etc?
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Yes, I'm living in Australia, Western Australia.
It's hard to find some good Barbeque here in the shops. You go to one and they charge you like a wounded bull in prices and only 1 or 2 dishes may be good while the others are sub standard. Mos have been folks that have traveled to the states on a holiday and figurehead they understand the technique. Hell I was raised on smoking from my dad in Colorado.
The other hardwood we have here is Jarrah and marri neither are good for smoking as they contain a gum element and that gives off a strong smoke smell, which does not taste good on food.
However, I know we have fruit trees, just can't get the wood for smoking, so I stick with Hickory for most of my cooking.
For brisket I marinade it overnight which is important after I scored it. Since my temps are in the 175-250 range I do a slow cook in foil for half the time and on the grill fo remainder of time cooking it with fat on top to allow the fat to soak through and down the meat.
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Ive never smoked a whole turkey - just the breast and it turned out pretty good - I haven't gone back to try any more of the suggestions found on this subject though. Id love to smoke a whole turkey - let me know what you try - maybe I will get one here in the next month or so and see what happens.

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