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Boiled bacon.

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Family point blank refuse to eat the bacon out of the freezer because it was made last year.
I hate waste so I am going to do a version of a German style boiled salt pork with short cut sauerkraut .
I saw Rick Stein do it on the TV recently. He was trying to do version of the pork knuckle so revered in Munich. Locals like it ,salted & boiled ,tourists have it roasted with crisp skin.
Rick did it with unsmoked cured pork belly I will use what I have .
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I would be overjoyed if my family refused to eat my year old bacon. More for me...yummmmmm.

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Originally Posted by GaryHibbert View Post

I would be overjoyed if my family refused to eat my year old bacon. More for me...yummmmmm.

Not as happy as my dogs would be!
Into cold water goes about 700gm bit of my smoked bacon .Add a bottle of apple cider 330ml,an onion studded with about 8 cloves, 3 fat tabs dark brown sugar,coriander seed ,black peppercorns ,6 bay leaves, fat pinch chilli flakes, 2 cloves of garlic bashed.
Gentle simmer until done .
Made my sauerkraut with red cabbage because that's what I had.
I will post a plate shot.
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I don't know how that all went on as a quote?
Simple recipe, very winter food . Not that it's cold by Northern Hemisphere standards but Aussies book holidays in the tropics if the daytime temp falls below 10 c.
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My kind of eats. Mom made a similar dish with Racks of Spare Ribs simmers until FOB...JJ

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Going to plate it shortly.
Red cabbage saurkraut & roast potatoes.
Boys having chicken.
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Sounds delicious!



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This was a nice change from a lot of my regular cookery.
Poaching the bacon with the aromatics gave it some lovely flavours ,left the fat in the pot as well.
Saurkraut gave it a nice sharp contrast to the brown sugar in the broth.
I suppose I could have had a couple of litres of Pilsner with it .in keeping with the German vibe but I had a great Cabernet Sauvignon instead.
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Beautiful plate Mike.  Point


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That's a better photo,left overs tonight.
Boys had their mothers lasagne.
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Looks great Mick! Our bacon never lasts a year in the freezer!!!

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