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Eye of Round with a Reverse Pan Sear

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Greetings on a Saturday night everyone!


I picked up a nice Angus eye of round roast at SC a couple of weeks ago, been pondering what to do with him.


I have not done one of these before and I read allot of posts here about the best way to do it. I really wanted a steak like finish that quite a few previous posts showed.

I became somewhat concerned about dry-out and the toughness factor several posts mentioned.


I decided on an IT of 125F, and a reverse sear… and I am SO GLAD I did.


This ol lean hunk ‘o red meat came out AMAZING. I will definitely be doing one of these again!


All said and done, and to the plate, in about 4.5hrs...




Rubbed down with SPOG.




In the fridge over night



Used the Auber PID'd MES @ 225F, AMAZNPS with Apple.


I cut the whole eye in half so I could cook the wifeys a little longer.



Pulled this one with an IT of 124F, seared in a smokin hot pan with butter.




I double foiled him after the sear, wrapped in towels and set on top of the stove.


When I opened the foil it literally had a quarter inch of juice inside.




This turned out MUCH better than I expected, tender and juicy, not dry or tough at all.


A little A-1, beans, and fries with ranch dressing. Yes siree, mighty tasty.



Thanks for looking!

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That looks perfectly cooked. Well done.
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That is a tough piece of meat to keep tender.nice job


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That's a beauty!


They are really good sliced thin for sammies.


A point to you for a great smoke!



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Nicely done! B

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Wow, that looks real tasty ! Very nice ! icon14.gif
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Thanks fellas, I was quite surprised how tasty, tender and juicy this one turned out. I'm going to have to get another and see if I can duplicate the process.


We did have a couple of left over meals this week with it also so it really went a long way.

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Sorry I missed this! Excellent plate!


Next time make a batch of JJ's Au jus. Place the roast on a rack above the pan of Au jus to collect the drippings, so good!
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