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Are they worth it or should I just marinade my meats?
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Everyone should have a injector, just a cheap one works.
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I got a nice one from Wallyworld, They had a whole wall of Charbroil accessories this spring, and I picked up a stainless steel injector that holds 2 oz of marinade. Comes with both style needles for about $16, It looks identical to the ones you see for 40 or 50 bucks. When I brine a whole turkey to smoke, I like to inject it also. I had a plastic one that was free with a bottle of Cajun marinade, and it lasted about 10 years before the threads that hold the needle in finally wore out. It was good enough for lots of shoulders and briskets, but mostly it was used on poultry.
The best part is when I put on my black " mad scientist" rubber gloves, and pick up that injector with the 4" long needle sticking out. It just scares the bejeebers out of the grandkids....
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Yep, I inject just about everything I smoke.



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The injector I use...  Use mineral oil to lube the plunger and keep separate during storage... or the plunger will stick in the barrel...



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I inject from time to time.  Usually turkey or pork butts. 

This is what  use. You can buy one at the feed store.

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