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Thanks Guys, I am really happy with the first batch. I was just packing some up, and I remembered I didn't put up a finished cut shot. So here it is.



I ground it once through the course plate, then again with the fine plate. Now I can't wait to do a big batch, I got a feeling it will be coming soon. Gave  some to my Father-in-Law to take up north with him. Funny little story about that. I shot him a text with a picture, told him if he wanted some come by. Didn't get a response. About three minutes later there is a knock on the kitchen door. I was coming out of my office, my girlfriend was coming from the back living room, we ran into each other in the kitchen. We saw it was him, she says "That was fast". I replied "he saw that picture". She opens the door he had a weird smile on his face and first thing he said was "I saw that picture". I busted up.


Thanks again all!



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Dave what no cut shot come on now.



Nice job looks real good Points heading at ya



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Nice job!!!  B


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Thanks Richie, and B, for the comments and points!

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H77, Nice job, they look excellent!

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looking really good for first time.,,you got a great start to new hobby., welcome to the Forum



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Thanks CM and Hoity,


I look forward to doing it for a long time. Thinking about some brats, and Italian sausage next!

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Kielbasa looks great............Thumbs Up  Points......


With Kielbasa its ok to grind once through a 7mm ,5/16" plate.



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Look real good!! I have a Polish shop near me and their's looks just like yours, no links.


Waiting on the cut pictures and taste!!!


:popcorn  :pepsi:

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Thanks Boykjo!


On the next batch I just got to remember to make rings or loops, whatever there called, I learned what I said as linking was wrong. Also I put a nice piece on the grill Sunday indirect just to heat it up with the porterhouse I was grilling. I thought it was a little on the salty side. The bite I tested after smoking was great, and was wondering if it was salty on that part of the casing? I used tubed casings from Waltons, and they said to soak for an hour. Should I give the casings a longer soak? Gearing up to make a big batch soon!


Thanks for the points.



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Thanks Sauced.


I just want to do it more uniformed as far as the loops. I will admit by the picture in the smoker... that was a hot mess LOL. At the time of stuffing I wasn't thinking about the details.

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