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How did I do so far?

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Well many thanks to all that helped me. Here we go!


Here is my kitchen all set up for the making of my first Kielbasa.


Sorry I got carried away with the trimming, and forgot to take pictures. Here is my first batch on the fine cut.

My FIRST RING! I am not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed with myself. One thing I forgot was to link it. Is it to late or can I link it before smoking?


The finishing stuff. The C on the left was a result of a blow out. LOL managed to save it.


I ended up doing about 7lbs for my first batch, went all pork like Boykjo recommended, figured why not that way if I screwed it up wouldn't be out much. I did use a premix from Waltons. Had to use some math skills but think I nailed it. Can't wait to put it in the smoker in the morning. I will update as the weekend goes on. Once again THANK YOU TO ALL that helped sort me out on my other thread to pull this off!. Can't wait to fire up the hot box!

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Looks good so far,,, Nice job,, Will be waiting for tomorrows pics.... Good luck 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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They really look good!


Can't wait to see the finish!



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Looks great! You can link before Smoker no if you want.
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Dave nice job,they look a little to tight to link

Be back tomorrow night


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Thanks everyone for the replies. If there to tight to link well in the smoker they will go! I will let my knife do the linking! I really didn't apply to much pressure to the casing on stuffing, kind of let it do its thing!

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They look great,I'll let you know how you did after my delivery!biggrin.gif
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I gave it a couple twist seems to work. Its 7 am and in the smoker!



When I just took this pic I noticed my sausage hanger is a little one sided but it should work. Well I hope so! Will keep you posted.



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Looks great to me.  I just got into making sausage and haven't tried kielbasa yet.  Looking forward to seeing the final results. 

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Looking good.

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Thanks for the positive comments. I just wish I would have linked them while stuffing. Guess you can say I got caught up in the moment. Rookie mistake. I started cranking and it was coming out looking good, I just keep going, It wasn't until a hour or so later I thought about it, Live and learn.



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Linking in 6-8" links looks cool but they are hard to keep apart when smoking, when they touch the smoke wont get to the touched parts thus giving you a mark on each link.




Its all good and you did good.

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Thanks for the intel.

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Alright off the smoker and looking good!



Going to sit and bloom. I know I got alot to learn but am really happy right now. Will get a cut shot in a bit. I can see the spots where it was touching like Nepas said, It's all trial and error. Still pretty stoked.



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They look very good!


Really nice color!



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Thanks Al, I just cut off a bite, I couldn't wait. Tasted pretty good! In my opinion my first shot it was a success. Still looking to get better but it will take time. I am doing your Pastrami tonight!



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Great color,there looking extra tasty now!
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Looks great. I always link after stuffing. Pinch n twist.
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Looking good Dave, that is a great job. Enjoy

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