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Thank you Bear for the helpful reply, another quick question do you also cover with foil the bottom grease pan?

I did a dry run today with pellets and heater set at 225F which I filled the Maze 5x8 with one row only and it lasted almost exactly 3 hrs. with TBS.

The pellets smoked without having to relight them once.

The MES temperature showed around 14 degrees less than the Maverick 735 so I ordered a $10.00 temp with probe to find which one is closest but I suspect  Maverick will win the day.



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Yup---Bet on the Maverick.

Just adjust your MES to make your Maverick get to what temp you want your meat in.


That's what I get---About 3 hours for one row. Sounds like you got that working good!!


Yes, I cover the bottom drip pan too. I poke a hole for the drain.