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Modified RF concept build

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I've been a chef for a few years now but am shifting paths to work in the automotive industry, with my new found metal working skills i'd like to build myself a smoker. I'm new to the forum but would like some info and possible help to see if my design for a modification on a RF smoker is a decent idea or not. I like the concept of having even temperature through out the smoker, so instead of having the baffle run the length of the smoker and then exit on one side, could I possibly have the inlet from the firebox in the center of the bottom, and have the outlets on either side of a baffle? the drains would run straight through the baffle and out the bottom, with smoke passing around them. I'm no computer wizard but I drew it up as best as I could in photoshop. 

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In my mind it should work. I don't run a rf pit so I am no expert. What do you think the advantage of the double sided be over the standard rf baffle? I don't think it would be too hard to mock up. You could tack some angle iron in the pit to hold the twin baffles. If it doesn't work out you could knock the angles out, weld your twin baffles together and run a single. The beauty of metalworking. I would be interested to see if this would work.
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I'm no expert. But from all the research I've done before starting my build is that you'll have a hot spot in the center. And the way you have it drawn with a pipe running in open air to the center, seems like you would loose a lot of heat on the way to the cook chamber. You could insulate that but that's a lot of fabrication compared to a standard RF offset. Also I've always had my doubts about Smoke flowing evenly in 2 directions when it comes from a single source. It will always take the path of least resistance. Which fabricating that with both directions perfectly identical would be difficult. Not saying it won't work I just don't see the benefit over the normal RF.

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the idea behind it, wether it will work or not, the tube running from the fire box to the smoker could very easily have a 90 degree bend in it in order to equalize flow, and that way the heat from the center would disperse more evenly throughout the smoker, with the smoke running parallel on both sides, being pulled towards the center, and then exiting the exhaust. that way the entire baffle plate is dispersing the heat from the center outward, and because it has the shortest direction to travel each way, will be the most even. I'll include some basic drawings, again i could be totally wrong here but this is how my brain is rationalizing it. so imagine the colored area is smoke path and temperature. 


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I would minimize the distance the smoke and heat has to travel before it enters the CC. I'm assuming that's why when others have built that style they mount the firebox under or behind the CC. I'm sure it will work. I always prefer to keep stuff as simple as possible.

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Not sure how your build would work. Check out 57vetteguy build or dragonsbreath build maybe those could help.
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