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I'm new here, and RF modification and design

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my name is Daniel, I live in california, I've been a chef for a few years now but am shifting paths to work in the automotive industry, with my new found metal working skills i'd like to build myself a smoker. I'm new to the forum but would like some info and possible help to see if my design for a modification on a RF smoker is a decent idea or not. I like the concept of having even temperature through out the smoker, so instead of having the baffle run the length of the smoker and then exit on one side, could I possibly have the inlet from the firebox in the center of the bottom, and have the outlets on either side of a baffle? the drains would run straight through the baffle and out the bottom, with smoke passing around them. I drew it up as best as I could. 

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Welcome to the site. Prefab is a little out of my comfort zone but welcome to the site there are a lot of great people here and there is a lot of good smoking information you just have to look around papa t Michigan
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welcome1.gif to SMF!

Glad to have you aboard!

If you post your question in the RF build section, I think you will get your answer.

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thanks for the info guys! ill head on over to the RF build section and post it up! 

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