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Fire box question ?

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I been seeing guys put what looks like an X on the back side of the fire box door can someone explain to me please what's that for please
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That is a reinforcement to keep the door from warping.
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Thank you !
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I am using 1/4 plate on my FB. People I have talked to people say it is not really needed in my case.
Just seasoned and ran my smoker twice to see how the heating and fire management behaves, no warping yet.
Anybody have a different opinion?

Thanks in advance!
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I am looking to build my FB . which would be best 1/4" or 3/8" . fixing to buy the steel today
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I would go with 3/8. If you were worried about weight 1/4 will work. 3/8 (once it warms up) will retain heat longer providing better heat control. The 3/8 will last longer as well.
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Thanks for the feed back. I went with the 1/4" for weight. I got a grate deal on my steel locally scrape dealer had some sheet steel. I got one sheat 5'x 8'x 1/4" & 5'x 9' x 1/4 , plus a 4' x 10' sheet or expanded metal for my wood box.
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Sounds like a great start. Keep us updated on the build.
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Will do Jason. Still in the planning stage so there will be a lot more questions being asked befor I start my build. Will start a new post just for the build part.
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I'm in the same boat. I will probably just do a wood shack for now. My plan is to go commercial, so I am researching all the fun government regs so I don't have to redo anything. Eventually I see myself building a trailer.
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