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Bark or no bark?

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When you smoke (or cook) with wood do you remove the bark? I've heard different things but want to know from you all. Thank you, Joel
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I have never removed bark. It should burn up pretty fast anyways.
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Maybe you need to start a poll on this.
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I leave the bark on too.



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I remove the bark. Bark usually has a higher percentage of tannins in it. Which could give off a bitter smoke when burned. Oak specifically is one that has a higher amount of tannins in the bark and is used in the tanning process of hides.
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I burn with the bark on in my offset. Unless I'm adding wood chunks to charcoal or lump. Then I tend to burn bark-less wood.
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I'll burn Bark in my pit

Minimal Bark when using my GOSM

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Sorry guys, had an early job call in for this morning. Thank you for the replys. I personally don't think it matters too much but I am no expert by any means. And I've only used pecan for the cook as I haven't found anything else in my area yet.
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