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First Try at Chicken Quarters

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I'm smoking chicken quarters today for the first time.


I've brined them, and am about to hit them with some of Jeff's rub.  They'll go on the smoker (WSM 18.5") in about an hour with a couple apple and walnut chunks.


This is fun.  I'll post results and pics. 


Wish me luck.

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My setup:



My view:


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Looks like a good start!
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On the smoker.  3 on the top rack, and 2 on the bottom.


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All set up at 3:00PM CST:


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I did my first leg quarters today too. Hit 167 IT in roughly 3 hours. Held my smoker temp at 275 the whole time. Meat has a good texture and is super moist. Good luck!
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At the 1:45 mark, I sprayed them with apple juice.


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My brand new Thermoworks ThemaQ is showing a (seemingly) contradictory meat temperature.  My chicken quarters have been smoking at a consistent 235-240 for less than 3 hours, and have just failed the knife test.  Yet the ThermaQ is showing an internal meat temperature of 175.2 degrees (well above the safe temp of 165).  I just can't believe it's correct.


Anyway, other than that, the cook is going great.  If it finishes "excellent" in both taste and texture, it'll be my first of seven cooks to achieve that.

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Not sure what the knife test is but if your therm say 175 then get it off the heat. Looks good from here. Oh btw if you smoked for 3 hours then expect a pink smoke ring around the surface meat.

Happy smoking,
phatbac (Aaron)
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The ThermaQ meat thermometer is now showing 180 in the thickest part of the thigh of the biggest quarter on the top rack.  Even though the quarters are not done yet, as verified by sampling a quarter.


But then again, I'm a complete newbie, and the fault may be on me.

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It worked out well after all.


My wife (the real cook in the family) confirmed that the quarters were ready at the 4-hour mark.  They may have been ready earlier, as indicated by the ThermaQ.


I know that Thermoworks produces quality devices that are calibrated before shipping.  And so I'd like to try my probe again before saying the problem is totally the probe.  It may be my problem.


They taste great.


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They sure look good!


Awesome color on the skin!



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