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I'd say that's about as close as you could get it. icon_wink.gif
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You certainly resolved that problem.   use the numbers off this site and you can't go too wrong.

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I just want to say thanks again for the help. The food turned out great. Well, at least that's what people told me. I didn't get any, but I did steal someone's plate so that I could at least get a picture before it was all gone. 32b4c60e9d7ed7c5d4a73d852051c52a.jpgdd803828c697fca23a1b46027dd4b47c.jpg
My brother fell in love with the smoker, so I'm going to go drop it off at his house as a surprise. I guess it's time to start looking for another tank and planning another build!

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Not sure if you solved the problem but as you already know Your getting radiant heat from the firebox, I had the exact same problem.(after you get your good thermos installed you can test then try a mod)

I used baffles of 1/8" plate steel first I lined the inside top of the firebox with an angled plate then added a plate that goes about 12 inches into the smoke chamber under the Reverse Flow Plate, temp swings were reduced dramatically.



Here's a post from my build.



Update 9/01/10.

I was a bit unhappy with my last cook, I was getting an average of 70 degree difference from left to right, sometimes peaking to a 90 degree difference, this was unacceptable. I did not realize the difference was so great until my cook last weekend.
I tried Fire management and that had no effect.

The top of the firebox was getting hammered with heat and 6" of the firebox is inside the cooking chamber.
There is definitely a lot of convection going on.

Here is how I fixed the problem.

The Green represents the top of the firebox that is inside the cooking chamber, the Blue represents the reverse flow plate and the Red represents the baffle plates installed to reduce the heat from hammering the top of the firebox, causing excessive radiant heat.


Now I am getting an average 23 degree difference. I most likely could get it closer.

I did another temperature test on my most recent cook, the temps were even better, averaging about a 15 degree temperature variance, click chart below.

Temp Test 2, 15 degree variance.

At this point my testing is done, I am pretty comfortable with the even temps of the
Pit is maintaining 15 degrees or less variance at the 225-275 range and with that said, I will focus on making some awesome "Q".

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Good info in this thread for sure.....thanks guys! My RF setup is about a 20 deg difference side to side and I was concerned that mine was bad. lol

Thanks for the community based info sharing, as always!

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