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help with Smoked Atlantic - Questions on Brine time

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So before I explain myself. First post on the forum. Been lurking for 3 years. Built a homemade smoker 4 years ago. Many recipes and 1000+ pounds of meat later here I am. I've done salmon a number of times now. Coho and other types. I bought a 15 pound whole Atlantic last week. It's been in brine for 6 days now. And will be smoking tomorrow morning. Last time I did salmon I did a brine for 7 days. Turned out great. No issues. But it's been a year since then. And I checked my fish today. Doesn't have an off smell. But there is a smell. Not rancid. Maybe it's just my nose playing with me. I'm just worried as I'm feeding 8+ people. Don't need anyone getting sick. The fillet are still the right colour. They feel fine to the touch. I'm just worried. Havnt seen anything on the Web that says 7 days is ok. I've seen 5 at the most. It's been sealed in containers and in the fridge since. Just looking for some input. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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Two questions, is it farmed salmon?  Because they have a higher fat content.  Secondly is the brine recipe the same?  All I can think to do is slice a little bit off, and just fry it up an see if everything smells normal.  You may also want to think about serving something else to your guests.

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6 days in a brine?   Really?    What is the details of the brine?   That sounds way too long for any of my Salmon brine sessions.  The maximum I brine any of my Chinook Salmon is for 6-7 hours.

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Are you going to hot smoke or cold smoke? I usually pressure can mine. I brine for 30 minutes to an hour depending on thickness. I will smoke it for 3 hours then can them. If I dry them for strips I will only go for 25-30 minutes then dry for 4 days and smoke for 4-5 days. When dried it really intensifies the flavor. Makes for good snacks.
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