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New guy from Northeast PA.

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Hello everyone. Im Donnie. Newbie smoker from Northeastern PA here. 32 years old, getting married next weekend. Purchased my first offset smoker last weekend. Seasoning it as I sit here and type. I travel for work often which has allowed to sample food all over the country and I turn, I've fallen in love with good BBQ. My main goals are to be able to replicate the amazing BBQ I've come across around Georgia and Texas. My smoker is anot Oklahoma Joes Highlander. I have done most of the mods I've read about. Sealed the firebox and cook chamber. Lowered the exhaust to grate level and added the tuning plates.
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Welcome to SMF!  Sounds like you ready to produce some great Q!  



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Welcome! Sounds like you're off to a running start! I hope the new bride is enthusiastic too! Looking forward to seeing your smokes.

Congrats on the marriage!
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Thanks guys! Appreciate it.
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Welcome to the forum!


Glad to have you with us, Donnie!



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