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Monday the 4th

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Put on  Thighs and legs. Soaked in Mcormick's herb and butter. Button shrooms stuffed with cream cheese, chives out of garden, sharp cheddar and bbq rub.

New Weber 22". Fru cook in back.

Fry cook. Fuel on one side, this thing is the cats meow.

Put on, rubbed down with melted butter. Getter up to 375. Lid on.

Button shrooms done, oak in there for smoke, very little,


should have mentioned earliar. Wife fried up some zucchinni out of garden.


Sliced bout quarter inch thick, put in flower then egg wash. Fried up little salt and pepper. Yumm. Ok Then, trying to be computer savy, Just keep looking. Put over coals to sear. Not bad. Mixed Sweet Baby Rays with some apple juice

Forgot to mention mac and cheese, wifes deal. Good. Jar of cheese. Should have charred a little more, but brother, this hit 165 and could not have done any better. Bit through skin, few parts spit out Thinking gonna be rubbery ,under done,not so, Just absolutely GREAT!

Mac and cheese

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Looks delicious!!


Great looking meal!!





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Good job with the new weber!
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