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First Time ABTs

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Went to a large family party for the 4th. I wasn't smoking any meat so I decided to try some ABTs. They were a pain to make such a large batch, but I will definitely make again. Next time I'm going to leave some seeds in for more heat.

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Nicely done. I havent made those in a long time. Probably do them soon now though. Thanks for the reminder!
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MKR, They are a pain to make BUT worth the effort.Yours look scrumptious!

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Nice job!


They look delicious!



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Looks so tasty! If you haven't used it the whipped cream cheese works out great!
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these look great... what I do is.. save some of the seeds/membranes and then add them back into the cream cheese mix with about a dozen peppers left to fill ... works good... I mark these with toothpicks so as to no confusion ...
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They look very good!



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