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MES 30 Gen 1 - Auber PID - iGrill Temp

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My lovely wife bought me a iGrill with 4 probes for father’s day this year and last week I purchased an Auber WS-1500 PID temperature controller.


My smoker is an old MES 30” Gen 1, I have smoked a ton of meat, sausage, fish, pastrami, butt, brisket, cheese, etc. and I like it allot, but the temp swings on the MES control really leave much to be desired.


Yesterday afternoon I ran a test of the Auber without any meat to see what it would do. I only programmed the temperature and time. My first setting was 225F and my second was 200F.


I drilled a small hole in the back of the MES between the water pan and the bottom food rack, which is where I inserted the Auber thermocouple for temperature control.


I already had a hole on the left side to monitor temperature between the bottom and next rack.


I have a ¼” steel plate that sits above the heating element, the plate can be moved around to even the heat flow, I was surprised to learn how much difference in temperature there is above the plate just by moving it a half inch from front to back.


The position of the iGrill probes are as follows:


Probe 1: Back wall next to the Auber PID temp control

Probe 2: Left wall between the bottom and next rack up

Probe 3: Front near door between the bottom and next rack up


Below are results from the testing.




Auber TI inserted from back







I am very pleased with how wall the Auber controlled the element, the iGrill blue tooth works good too.


I have read there is a "learn mode" you can program into the Auber to really fine tune the temperature control, I might play around with that soon.


Thanks for looking!

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I have the Igrill mini with one probe for my meat temps and really like it. Blue tooth on my phone and the app poaded i can do other stuff and still get my temp readings. Might get another for the box temp as i am using a cheap one to check the smoker temp now that is not as good.
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