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Pork belly question

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Unfortunately, I live in a isolated community with one grocery store and a limited selection, fortunately though they've just started selling pork belly, but only in strips. Usually cut about 3/4 inch thick. Had to try some
Used a pork rub my grandfather makes, and put em on my mini wsm at 225.
After smoking I put them skin side down over direct heat to crisp up the skin, but it still came out a little tougher than I'd like. Any suggestions to crisp the skin without making it too tough?
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Never tried this but start crisping the skin sooner so the meat doesn't get over done?

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Great suggestion! I probably did have it cooking too long. Will cut the cook time next time before I put it to direct heat. Thanks for the reply!
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How about raising the whole smoke temp to 350-400. It should be smokey and crispy! Or you can grill on a super hot grill to finish
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I didn't have enough room on the mini wsm so I put one piece on a propane grill on higher heat, the skin was definitely better but the meat was tougher, I guess finding a happy medium is what I'm going to have to do, that or see if I can get a full belly ordered before they cut it. Thanks for the reply!
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Filet the skin from the belly meat...  It should come off about the thickness of a beer box or thinner...    save for cracklins..   pork rinds..  then smoke the belly...

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