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Today's Q

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Been a busy day on the Q front today.

First on, last off the Q, Belly Pork.

Meat side rubbed with Jeffs Rub, sat on Onion, Carrot and celery then topped with a local beer.

Six hours @ 120'C. Cooked indirectly then flipped upside down on the grill to crisp the Skin!

Next up for a quick lunch, Chinese Style Quail.
Spatchcocked, then marinated overnight in, Soya Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Honey, Garlic, Ginger, Chilli and S&P.

Cooked over a high heat for 5 minutes Breast upwards and 3 minutes Breats down.

Then last of all, Chicken Tikka for Monday's lunch.

Chicken, Natural Yogurt, Tandoori Spice Mix and a splash of Lemon Juice. Marinated overnight.

Cooked over a high heat about 3 minutes a side.
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That looks great!! Where do you get your quail?
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SM They look great,I haven't had Quail in ages Points for inspiring me




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Definitely going to try out that Chinese marinade on my next chicken. Looks awesome.
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Originally Posted by hardcookin View Post

That looks great!! Where do you get your quail?

Wife came home with them from the Supermarket, pack of four.
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Those quail look GREAT!!  I haven't had quail for decades--I had forgotten all about them.


The chicken pieces in tandoori sauce are now on my to-do list.  Miss Linda loves Indian spices, so I'll be giving that a try real soon.  Thanks for the idea.





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Looks delicious!


Points for sure!



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Dang, more things on my to smoke list.

It all looks great, but I definitely got to do the Tikki Chicken.



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Great looking smoke!icon14.gif
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Hello Steve.  WOW!  Been a busy boy!  Great looking foods.  I haven't had quail since I left Texas and stopped hunting ( not allowed to hunt ).  Gonna keep an eye out for them at the supermarket.  Great job  Keep Smokin!


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