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need help

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Just checked my probe for inside the smoker box by putting it in boiling water and it registered 185 degrees. Doing a butt today and would like to keep the internal temperature at around 230. What should I set the temperature on my unit at so that the probe would register at around the 230 mark?

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I'm trying to understand, your probe registered 27 degrees below boiling water temp and you want your cooking temp to be 230? Just mentally add 27 degrees to what probe is showing. Internal Temp is used in reference to the meat you are cooking and 230 is about 25 degrees higher than the most agressive time to pull pork. Sorry, I hope this answers your question?
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So if you want your cooker temp at 230, then the probe should read 203.



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Thank you too both of you gentlemen. You answered it like I thought it should be. Just wanted to make sure I was thinking correctly

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