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Cooking first pork shoulder on Sunday and just bought a 5lb with bone in. Would Ike to apply rub on Saturday but not quite sure what I should apply. I am open for suggestions. And secondly, what wood should I be using for best results? So far on my 30 mes I have done ribs, thighs, and breasts using just apple wood.  Very happy with apple wood so far but open for suggestions. Would appreciate some feedback. thanks

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Go for the basic rub first time. Salt garlic powder black pepper onion powder and sugar. Same thing as you normally use for your ribs works great. I like to apply rub the night before. Seems to make a better bark. Can't go wrong with Apple wood. It's probably my favorite overall bbq wood. Good luck
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Should I smoke the whole time? And thanks for the advice

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If you wrap in foil you dont need to smoke. A lot of ppl wrap at the 165 IT area. If you do smoke isnt comming through that foil. If you dont wrap you prob just need to smoke thin blue smoke 6-8 hours doesnt need or get much smoke after that.

Happy smoking,
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Honestly I think butts come out way better wrapped. Some people have time to smoke a butt for like 20 hrs. I usually don't. Lol

I would smoke till 165. Double wrap in foil. I don't even put any liquid anymore in the foil. Still comes out very moist and the bark holds better. Stick in preheated oven at 250 on baking sheet. For 2.5 hrs. Pull out of oven. Let rest for at least an hr. Comes out perfect every time
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Purchase Jeff's rub and sauce recipes on here. They are great and very user friendly. You can tweak the sweet and heat to your personal taste. The proceeds from the sale of the recipes goes to support and maintain this great site.
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