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Smoked bass

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Caught a couple decent sized bass and wanted to try smoking them. Wife loves smoked fish so let's hope she agrees
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Hmm... I'm planning on doing some bass fishing this weekend. You might have given me an idea!
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Really nice! Bass, big Blue Gill, Crappy and Yellow Perch are about as good as fish gets IMO. I never smoked any but in my younger days sure ate a bunch. Wife, Kids and 12 hour days in front of a Restaurant stove sure took a big bite out of my fishing time...JJ

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Brined in salt sugar water and a dab of Apple shine. 200 for three hours and wasn't gross.
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They sure look good from here!



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SS501, They look tasty, nice job!

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Looks great! I smoke sea bass all the time. I actually like to take it a bit further and turn it into jerky. Tasty stuff.
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Not gonna lie they turned out damn good. 3 hrs at about 230. I'm not huge on smoked fish but wife loves it. Paired with my smoked cheese and damn hard to find better. I also cold smoke cheese
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