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What do they do with the points?

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You always see brisket flats sold separately in stores. But where did the point go?

What do they do with the points that they trim off the flats? And why don't they sell them separately like the points? They would be great for making burnt ends and not having to waste a whole packer just to get the ends.
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From what I have read, most places grind it up for ground beef. I agree I wish you could buy just the point sometimes. I've learned that it never hurts to ask the butcher at the market about it.. Might be able to sell you a point or two or three or four haha
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I've seen some packaged at the grocery as corned beef points.
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I see em frequently here in The Woodlands ( greater Houston). I get them sometimes. It's my favorite part of the brisket. I cook the mess out of em and get them well rendered and super tender its makes great pulled beef. Tacos, omelets, sammiches. Good stuff.
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Our Low Fat Health Nut, I mean Conscience, modern consumers won't buy Points in any volume to make stocking them profitable. Most commercial packers grind them. Where I lived in PA the small town butcher would hold back as many as I wanted. I also bought them at $2 less a pound then the Flats they were attached to. Living in NJ the last year, the City Folks have no idea Brisket comes with a fat cap let alone there was a Point attached...JJ


This is all you can get!...Borrowed from Bearcarver...



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