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Hello From Cali

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Hi everyone i was a lurker for a long time and then i finally joined up in anticipation of getting my own smoker. I'm not new to grilling just to the smokey stuff. The wife and I had shopped around and decided to go with the smoke hollow 4 in 1 that they sell at Sam's club. We had to wait a few days to put it together due to busy work schedule but we finally did it. We did 2 dry run's first to burn off any oil that might have been left from the factory and boy was i glad we did that. You could smell the chemicals burning off the grill it was not pleasant at all.


Next we seasoned it up with a 50/50 mix of peanut oil and bacon fat. My first attempt at smoking was going to be a whole chicken, a rack of pork ribs and some of Dutch's Wicked beans. Well i made what i now know is a common mistake among rookies of having way to much smoke. I was cooking at around 250* for 3 hours for the chicken and the beans. i kept the ribs in for another hour wrapped in foil and one more unwrapped with sauce on them.


The final outcome was OK not a total disaster but definitely a lot more room for improvement. The Chicken and ribs were to smokey. Chicken was moist and tasted good besides the overwhelming taste of smoke. I rubbed butter under the skin and used kicken chicken as a rub. The skin turned out rubbery and i read i can put it on the grill over high heat for a few minuets to crispify 

The ribs had a funky bbq sauce on them that i wanted to try and i didn't like it so that really didn't help but they were tender. The beans however came out so good and i guess that's why its a proven recipe that i see so many people talk about on here.


I may have said to much on here sorry but i wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I look forward to sharing stories and learning from the pro's on here about this great new hobby and some would say lifestyle.


Thank you,


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Welcome from SC, Rob. It's great to have you here on the site. There are a lot of really good folks here who are always ready to share their ideas, recipes and tips. All you have to do is ask and keep reading.

Good luck and good smokin', Joe
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Howdy Rob

Welcome to the forum. Keep up the good work! B

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Welcome to the forum!


Glad you finally decided to join us!



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Thank you guys for the warm welcome :icon_smile:

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Welcome to SMF from NorCal. Check out the Free 5 day ecourse if you haven't already.
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