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should I change anything in this rub?

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I'm doing a few brisket flats in a few weeks and i want a rub thats not sweet. I found this one in one of the books I have but not sure if the cumin and thyme go good or not? 


1/2 cup kosher salt

1/2 cup cracked black pepper

1/4 cup paprika

3 tbs chilli powder

2 tbs cayenne pepper

2 tbs garlic powder

1 tbs ground cumin

1 tbs dried oregano

1 tbs dried thyme



I have everything i need except for  the cumin and thyme so I was thinking about just leaving it out. also I only did half the chilli powder and half the cayenne pepper. 


what do you guys think?

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Do it Texas style!


Just S&P.



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That will be HOT and taste like Taco Seasoning. Is that what you are looking for? You may like this...JJ


General Purpose Seasoning


2T Sweet Paprika (Hungarian)

1T Kosher Salt

1T Chili Powder* (contains some Cumin and Oregano) Ancho Chile is same without cumin, oregano etc.

1T Granulated Garlic

1T Granulated Onion

1tsp Black Pepper, more if you like

1/2tsp Grnd Allspice


For more heat add Cayenne or Chipotle Pwd to taste, start with 1/2tsp and go from there. Makes about 1/2 Cup.


*Some Chili Powders are quite hot. McCormick and Spice Island are mild.

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Do it Texas style!


Just S&P.



I agree with Smokin Al!!  S&P and I like mesquite wood with mine.

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I'm a big fan of simple savory flavors with brisket. although the recipe you have would be good on a pork inject the pork with enchilada sauce and cover in that rub and smoke till 198 degrees IT pull and make your favor Mexican dish (tacos, enchiladas, burittos, etc.) with it and it would be divine...but back to brisket try this...


1 part onion powder

2 parts salt

2 parts black pepper

3 parts garlic powder


rub with olive oil lightly and put that rub on not super heavy and let sit over night in the fridge and then smoke your brisket to around 200 degrees when a probe or toothpick pushes in with very little resistance. slice across the grain.


btw something i like to do is indicate the grain direction before cooking when its easier to see...i slice a tiny piece the way i wanna cut it after cooking so when its done i slice it the right way..


Hope this helps,


phatbac (Aaron)

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For beef I stick with S.P.O.G.: Salt, Pepper, Onion (granulated), Garlic (granulated), and if you want to kick it up a bit add some cayenne powder. I like to taste the beef more than the rub.

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When I read the subject title... my first response was... "You are the only one that can answer that question" ... Adjust it to what YOU like ... If there is something you don't like in the recipe you chose.. then take it out.. If there's something you would like to have in it... well then put some in it....
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Thanks for the advice guys! I sure don't want my brisket tasting like a taco so I'll 86 this recipe.

Seems to be a general rule of salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder for a brisket. We'll keep it simple and go with that.

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