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Let me introduce myself...... and ask a my first question

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Hello everyone!


I cannot lie, I have been lurking on the forum for the past few months and finally decided sign up and join.


I got my first smoker back in October, a MES 30".Yes, not the best smoker but a great place to start and it was only $75 brand new. I live in Massachusetts on the Rhode Island border so I was smoking meat all through the winter  So far I have smoked chicken wings, chicken on a stick, whole chicken, brisket, burgers, baby back ribs, brautwurst, hot dogs, corn, bacon, sausage, pork shoulder and pork tenderloins. 


I just picked up an AMNPS 6" tube last week and will be doing the mailbox mod this weekend before I do a fathers day brisket. I realized that the hot weather in the summer stops my smoker from keeping the element on and burning my wood he tube alone has added the missing smoke flavor I needed and I am hoping the mailbox will help with the flow of smoke. 


I do have a question on my brisket for this weekend. I am getting a whole brisket so I can do some burnt ends this time around. How do i fit it all in my small smoker? Is it ok to cut the flat but leave one end attached to the point while cooking or should i keep it all intact and just cram it in there as i know it will shrink while cooking?


Thank you all for all the great info I have found so far.

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Yep separate the flat from the point. Good to go.
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Yep, separate the two pieces. The Flat is the tricky part as it is lean. The Point, is more like a Pork Butt. It has a lot of marbling and connective tissue that lets you double smoke it for the burnt ends without drying it out...JJ

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