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Brisket question...

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Been on 4.5 hours and already up to 169. Still no stall.

Using a traeger. Did smoke setting for 2 hours then been on 225 setting last 2.5 hours. I am getting nervous it won't stall. I did adjust the probe to make sure it wasn't giving wrong reading.

Will it stall in the 170s?
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They can stall anywhere within a broad range of temperature. It's just that most will fall around the 160s°F. I had one that blasted right up to around 189°F before taking a nap for a few hours.

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It's hard to say, last weekend I did two for a party and one didn't stall. I was lucky I woke early and checked temp. The other took 4hrs longer...roughly same weight. It's a cliche, but each has their own personality.
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It must be done by now!


How did it turn out?



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