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2-2-1 Method Question

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I'm in the middle of a smoke with ribs and I need to leave the smoker (it'll be supervised by my wife, but she doesn't want to get her hands dirty)...They've been on for about 2 hours.  I'm about to foil them for 2.  If i'm not back in 2 and they stay in foil for 3 hours...will they turn out okay?  Should I still do 1 hour in the smoker or should I throw them on the grill to finish them quickly when i get home.



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What kind of ribs are they?

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They can go over 2 hours. Worst case they will be very fall apart tender. More using a Fork than Fingers. No need for the additional hour unwrapped. Grill finishing is up to you...JJ

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@LanceP Baby backs

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My suggestion would be to ask the Mrs if she wouldn’t mind wrapping them in an old towel and sticking them in a dry cooler or even the oven. she wouldn’t have to get her hands dirty and when you got back you could either finish them on the grill or stick them back in the smoker for an hour. My experience, after two hours of foiled those slabs are falling apart. I’m not sure what three hours would do. Hope it works out for you.


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So, how'd it all come out?
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Lance -  Turned out great.  My brisket wasn't as juicy as it normally is...but it was an 8 I think it just had less fat.  The flavor was great on brisket and ribs.  Here are pics...



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Glad to hear it, way to adapt and overcome
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Everything looks great!



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