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Beef and pork at the same time

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I have a question about smoking different types of meat at the same time. I have a masterbuilt 40 and have used it extensively for the past couple of years. I love it, works great. When I smoke brisket or pork, I only do multiples of the same kind of meat, does anyone here ever smoke beef and pork or chicken in a vertical smoker at the same time?
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From a recent thread by Chef JJ....


Sorry Guys but...IT JUST DON'T MATTER! Chicken on top, Chicken on bottom? Don't matter...Let's look at the Worst Case scenario.

You are smoking a rack of Ribs, 225°F, at the 4 hours mark you put a whole drippy Chicken on top for a 2 hour smoke. Red Bacteria laden Chix juices are oozing all over the Ribs...ONE MINUTE later you realize the smoker temps were higher than you thought, this whole time the smoker was at 275°F, and Those Ribs Are Done! You immediately remove the Ribs...Any Problem here???? Is a trip to the Hospital certain??? NOPE!

The " surface " of those Ribs are 275°F! There is not a single Bacteria known to man that can survive more than few SECONDS at 165°F !!! There is just No Way the Salmonella, or anything else, see Dave Omak's chart below right column, could possibly survive contact with the 275°F surface of the Ribs. ALL Bacteria are Instantly killed and there is no chance of food-borne illness eating those Chicken basted Ribs...Even with Rare Steak. Bacteria can't Bore into the happily cool center and the Surface is 275°...More than instant Death to all!

Ok...There is mentally some YUCK factor because raw Chicken juices dripping sounds nasty but no Safety issues exist. In every other case the Chicken and other meat will be in the 225+ temps for hours. Above or below, again all bacteria is killed...JJ

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As Dave pointed out, how you load the smoker does not matter. The only challenge is timing. A 6" thick 8 pound Butt will take longer than a 3" thick 8 pound Brisket. Estimate your timing and add the meat cuts accordingly. Add a few hours extra time as it is always easier to be done early and hold the meat than be running hours behind and have hungry people staring you down...JJ


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