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smoked at low temps?

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Question hopefully someone can answer. How low of temperatures can you safety smoke ribs at?... I was thinking of smoking baby backs at a temperature of 160 degrees for 3-4 hours then bumping up to 190 for 4-5 hours... Has anyone ever done it or would it be safe?
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I don't understand why you would want to do that. The finish IT for ribs is 195-205.


If your smoker is only 190 they will never get fully coked.


If you want to slow cook them try smoking them at 210, until done.



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Al I had read it online some where and that's why I am asking here if it could be done
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Technically...Yes. Intact Ribs, no injection, with a salt/sugar Rub can be smoked at temps between 160 and 200°F but it would take much more than 6 hours to get tender and the surface of the meat would look Steamed, a dull gray with no hint of Bark or browning. Short of a sear on a hot grill, more time and fuel, they would be relatively tasteless and unappealing. Not something anyone would look at and recognize as great BBQ'd Ribs...JJ

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