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First Beer Can Chicken - with Q view

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Chicken was almost 6 lbs.


Rinsed chicken off, patted it dry.


Rubbed with Jack Daniels Chicken Rub.  Injected with Butcher BBQ - Bird Booster Rotisserie.


3/4 can of Bud with some Jack Daniels rub, onion, and garlic inside it.


Green Mountain Grill with cherry Wood pellets @ 300 degrees


Took longer then I thought it would, at about 3 hours it was 165 degrees and we were all starving so I pulled it.


Some of the best chicken I have ever had.  Skin wasn't crispy enough, a bit chewy.  Maybe up the Temp??





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Hey Red, I know that some guys, like myself whose

smokers won't go that high.

What they do is to pull the bird about ten degrees below where you want it.

Then stick it into the oven at about 425 to bring it up to the temp they wanted.

Good skin good IT all is well.



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Juicy looking bird!
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Yah it was literally the best chicken I ever had. 

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Great looking chicken!


It really looks juicy!



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Looks awesome --- beer can does nothing, and might have even slowed the cook down a tiny bit.


Consider using the stand without the can, and just flavor up your water pan with fruits, veggies and juices though.



Regardless though, chicken looked great and I don't doubt it tasted delicious :Looks-Great:

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Very nice,,, looks great!!


A full smoker is a happy smoker 


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Nice looking chicken!! 



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