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New Oklahoma Joe Longhorn

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I just ordered my Longhorn. This will be my first offset smoker. I went ahead and ordered the tuning plates all the gaskets and latches for the smoke chamber. Is the any thing i should know about the long hor other then the mods that i have read about? Thank you in advance

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Congrats on the new smoker.


I'm not familiar with it so I can't suggest any other mods.


However I am looking forward  to seeing it in action.


How long do you have to wait?



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The smoker will be in on June 15. The parts for the mods I'm not sure. I cant wait to get it all together and get smoke rolling. I will definitely post pics of it start to finish and of the first smoke.

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I have a Longhorn and like it. I put in a pair of Tel Tru thermo's in the bungs.  I have a heat management plate in mine. I like it. I added a baffle to block the rest of the opening from the firebox to the main chamber. If you use the calculator on this site the opening is a bit big so my baffle puts it more in line with the size the formula gives you. My baffle directs the heat under the management plate instead of a straight shot into the main chamber. I sealed between the halves of the fire box. I don't leak between the fire box and main body so I didn't mess with that. Some door sealing my be in order eventually. I don't see the need for an exhaust elbow so I didn't put it in mine. Why trap smoke in the upper part of the smoker above the elbow entrance. IMO. I get good results with my smoker and like it for now. Is it as good as one 4-5 times the price? I've never used another so I can't say. But for the price I like it! Enjoy!

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