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My first brisket

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I finally did it.......bought a cheap charbroil propane and did the first smoke last weekend. Think I used too much rub.

With that being said, tomorrow doing a brisket...please pray foe me😇

Here's my question. The brisket is 11.5lbs and TOO big to fit in my smoker flat and in one piece. I have heard that I can fold it over and let it cook that way. Or I could cut it in two. I know this sounds childish for a 63 year old man but I don't want to screw it up.

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I would cut off art of the flat. My smoker is 18.5 inches and I usually need to trim my brisky's. Then I wrap that piece in foil,after it has been smoked,just before I go to bed and eat it for breakfast. I started with a propane grill and then thought I could do better after joining this site and learning more about different smokers be careful this is a contagious hobby. Good luck and have fun.
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I just encountered this same issue. I followed the suggestion to cut in half. Seems to have worked. It is in the cooler resting comfortably at the moment. Mine took eleven hours, a little quicker than I was anticipating. Smells awesome though.
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Thanks guys for your quick reply. My smokers racks are 14x14 so "trimming"the fat would probably not make it . I think the cut in half trick is the answer. . Let you all know what the outcome is tomorrow.
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My proofreading needs work. It was supposed to read cut off part of the flat. Much like cutting in half but I would only cut off as much that was needed to fit it in the smoker.
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