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Hello from NJ

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Just finished my UDS.  Have an ECB that I am upgrading from.  Not too much experience but anxious to learn.  Looking forward to learning a lot from the masters!

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Hey welcome to the site, congrats on the new build.  This is a good place to learn how to get the most out of it.  Good luck and good smokin'.

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Welcome to the forum.


Sure would love to see some photo's of your UDS build!



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Here she is, not so ugly...  I used some ideas from a couple of different google searches to come up with this design.  It has adjustable rack holders.  I found the barrel at a local honey producer.  Had to burn out the tan liner and just this Friday seasoned it with a 4 hour 300 degree burn with the interior sprayed with cooking spray.  It now has a nice chestnut color and is ready for food.  Next weekend will be the inaugural cook.  The family is looking forward to it.


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That looks awesome! Great job on the build curious to know how the cook went
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First cook went very well. I made some baby backs and some chicken thighs. Brined the thighs. Other then my rubs being a little off they were great. The UDS held temp like a champ and burned amazingly little fuel. Great first attempt. I think I am going for fatties the next attempt.
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Looks awesome!

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Looks great im in the process of doing a small 2.5 pound brisket for dinner tonight I'll show it off when it's done
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4.5 hour smoke with whiskey and apple flavored chips with some store bought cowboy rub

Dinner is served
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