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Todd is Amazing

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Hi All Gotta get this out there.Purchased 2 Mavericks 732's from Todd at Amazing  . The newer one purchased Aug 2015, was out of warranty according too the Manufacturer, thought I was shit of of luck!!!. 

Sent Todd and e-mail with the purchased date, he is going to replace it, no questions asked.. Now that is customer service and beyond!!!!


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Todd is the man!


No doubt about it!



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You have to be careful...


Todd will ship the same day as you order... 241.png


Sneaky, sneaky... :tongue:

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Todd shipped the same hour I ordered. You just can't beat that. The quality of product you get is top notch in my book. I am happy with everything I have ordered. He will have my future business for sure.
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Hi All I sent the defectived 732 back on Weds and today I got an E-mail from Todd, that they shipped my new 732 today.

Now that is what I call service, some of these other company's could learn from Todd on how to take care of  customers..


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Honesty, integrity, standing behind your product.

Sounds shady to me, darn near unamerican.


Yea Todd

I have bought from him before, like it a lot.


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Hi All Just and update the replacement 732 arrive today..I just mail back the defectived  one on Wednesday

Can't said enough about Todd and his GREAT customer service.


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